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Bali Pengelipuran Village

Bali Penglipuran village bangli hill walk is bali natural walk combination between traditional pnglipuran wal and Balngli hill walk, this best.

Penglipuran Village is a traditional countryside owning unique characteristic life, socializing and culture.  It is located in Kubu Village , Bangli Sub district and Bangli Regency. is about 45 km from the city of Denpasar, is a traditional village that is quite popular as a tourist attraction on the island of Bali, it is easy to find with the services of rent car for the tour, because of its location at the main highway of Kintamani - Bangli.

Village's famous for its wealth of natural scenery is so beautiful, you can feel when set foot on the gate of the village. The distinctive feature of this village is a green atmosphere, clean, quiet and away from the hustle of the city, there are several community centers in the border area Penglipuran traditional village, community facilities and open space that serves to landscaping and a welcome area for visitors, very well with the meaning of Penglipuran word is derived from the syllables penglipur : entertainer, because since the days of ancient kingdoms, this village is a perfect place used for rest. Tour to Bali is an activity that is very impressive. There are always things new that you can enjoy and be told to the family after the holiday is over. Penglipuran is one of the tourist destinations are quite popular in foreign countries because it is still holding on culture and Hindu religion is very strong. You can see in the residential area of custom homes along the trail to the village laid out very neatly and conceptual. So that almost every year, the village is always visited by domestic and foreign tourists to learn about the culture, the people in the ordinances of religion, see the architecture unique to the island of Bali, the soothing charm when you are in the middle of a small forest and hills along the animal expensive and rare animals of the island of Bali, mount Batur and the lake, as well as culinary tourism is a mainstay as one of the attractions that should make a visit to the tour.

Village's administration is the village of Kubu village, Bangli district. Strategic location on the edge of a major highway Kintamani - Bangli. Having an area of about 112 hectares, consists of fields, bamboo forests, settlements and diverse population of public facilities such as temples, schools, health care, homestays and other public facilities as supporting the success of government programs in the tourism sector. Coupled with the natural charm of a row of hills and ponds with tilapia fish average height anda 700 m above sea level, making the village as a tourist area Panglipuran most cool and condensed feel of traditional Bali. There is a main street of stone which divides the village into two, the left and right side, a row of typical Balinese royal gate, the entrance of each home is designed in the same shape (called angko - angko Bali) and of course a small temple as a place of praying for the family.

The main door is not made too wide to be safe from interruption of people on the street, and each gate affixed with the letter writing Bali which contains a description of the name of the head of the family members.

Walking further into the village, the main road on an incline, it looks green blanket of grass laid out very nicely on the Japanese left and right side of the road, the steps in each individual houses and ending at the end of the street in which stands the majestic and elegant, a village temple where all citizens gather to pray together, temple area shaded by some old banyan trees hundreds of years old and believed to be a magical tree. The road along a residential neighborhood is made of natural stone, decorated with a series of Balinese frangipani, kenanga and cempaka flower on the left and right so as to give the impression that village atmosphere is very thick and natural.
Age continues to change, but religion, customs and culture is maintained by the community. It's amazing all the time so you should make a visit / tour of the village. Interested ? Please plan from now.


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