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Our Guest Testimonial During Their Holiday in Bali With Our Professional Service.

Testimony from "Emi Noriko ( Japan )"

Date 05 Dec 2013

Thank you again for driving me around Bali and I had a very enjoyable trip with your guide and driver see you next time

Emi Noriko & Watanabe 

Testimony from "Andi (Jakarta)"

Date 04 Dec 2013

Kami sekeluarga thank buanget buat servicenya selama kami di Bali n' kami mohon maaf apabila selama bersama2 ada kata atau tindakan yang kurang berkenan kami mohon maaf terutama kecerewetan anak-anak kami.

Andi dan Keluarga

Testimony from "David (Australia)"

Date 03 Dec 2013

Thank you for an amazing experience!
All the staff where great and looked after us.
It was magical being so up close with the beautiful fish. Will never forget this and we look forward to coming back! 

David & Family

Testimony from "Kuwahara Toshihiro (Japan)"

Date 01 Dec 2013

Bali ha ii tokoro, very good resort. Uminonakade totemo kirei de sakana ga ippai kimashita. We will come again. tomodachi ni shoukai shimasu ganbatte ne,,,,thanks gede

Testimony from "Chandra (Jakarta)"

Date 29 Nov 2013

Pengalaman pertama kali tour di Bali yang sangat menyenangkan dengan keluarga kami dan Guide Bpak gede menyambut kedatangan kami dengan ramah sekali. Anyway, many thank for alambali tour, have a great experience for me and family.

Testimony from "Daisuke (Japan)"

Date 27 Nov 2013

Amazing day. Guide and Driver really friendly and the atmosphere here is so beautiful and relaxing. Resort is to die for. Will book a stay next time in bali and do the all activity again,,,

thanks gede

Testimony from "Akane (Japan)"

Date 25 Nov 2013

Nice place, friendly Guide and Driver! Recommended to all people who wants an relax and easy tour and activity during holiday in Bali.
Arigatouuu ~.~ made and gede, mata Bali kuru yo

Testimony from "Yamashita Shoko (Japan) "

Date 20 Nov 2013

We liked it somuch, so exciting and awe-inspiring
For the first time it was a little bit fear but after that so many emotions came out… breathtaking!!!
Love it, thanks alambalitour

Best regard

Yamashita & Keiko

Testimony from "Mami Okubo (Japan)"

Date 16 Nov 2013

I have got recommended by a friend and ask my parents to take any program at alambaliTour, we are really enjoy and happy ♡♡♡


Best regards

Mami & Familly

Testimony from "okuyami (Japan)"

Date 14 Nov 2013

Wonderful holiday in Bali!!!

We are truly happy!!!

Thank you gede I will come againt

I hope so many guest book in your travel gede ganbaru ne,,,,

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