Bali Waterfalls Map: 41 Best Waterfalls In Bali Indonesia

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Bali Waterfalls Map

Bali Waterfalls Map, 41 Best Waterfalls In Bali Indonesia – The island of Bali is very famous all over the world, because of its beautiful, tropical nature which is not too hot.

Then clear beaches with colorful marine animals. The unique culture and customs make everyone curious to come. Apart from that Bali is also famous for its stunning waterfalls, offering visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Here are 41 Bali waterfalls map you might be interested in

Here are 41 waterfalls that you can visit in Bali. Starting from the most famous to the very hidden in the corners of the island of Bali.

  1. Sekumpul Waterfall
  2. Gitgit Waterfall
  3. Tegenungan Waterfall
  4. Nungnung Waterfall
  5. Aling-Aling Waterfall
  6. Leke Leke Waterfall
  7. Banyumala Twin Waterfalls
  8. Tukad Cepung Waterfall
  9. Munduk Waterfall
  10. Kanto Lampo Waterfall
  11. Jagasatru Waterfall
  12. Cemara Sambel Waterfall
  13. Jembong Waterfall
  14. Tegenungan Dalem Waterfall
  15. Melanting Waterfall
  16. Dedari Waterfall
  17. Blemantung Waterfall
  18. Canging Waterfall
  19. Colek Pamor Waterfall
  20. Pucuk Waterfall
  21. Kroya Waterfall
  22. Pengempu Waterfall
  23. Peguyangan Waterfall
  24. Blemantung Waterfall
  25. Kembar Waterfall
  26. Cemara Waterfall
  27. Blahmantung Waterfall
  28. Tembok Barak Waterfall
  29. Yeh Mampeh Waterfall
  30. Singsing Waterfall
  31. Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfall
  32. Les Waterfall
  33. Peguyangan Waterfall
  34. Cemplong Waterfall
  35. Seganing Waterfall
  36. Keluang Waterfall
  37. Kroya Waterfall
  38. Tibumana Waterfall
  39. Pengempu Waterfall
  40. Canging Waterfall
  41. Cemara Sambel Waterfall

All of the waterfalls above are located in the hills and valleys scattered in the middle, east and north sides of the island of Bali. So you need extra time and energy to visit this Bali waterfalls map.

To reach this waterfall you need private transportation, because there is no public transportation available to reach this location. Starting from motorbike rental, car rental and local driver.

Using a car rental service with a local driver will certainly make it easier for you to find each location of this waterfall. And of course it will save your time and effort. Because the location is very far from the city center and reaching the waterfall point requires extra energy by going through the forest and valleys